Vitromex's history began in August 1966 when Chairman of the Board Don Isidro López del Bosque and Operations President Don Javier López del Bosque developed the business plan. On November 1967, the first plant was inaugurated in the city of Saltillo, Mexico.

Since our beginning, the mission of the company has been to create economic value, generating opportunities for progress and the well-being of all those people and institutions with whom we interact. 

Throughout our 50 plus years, Vitromex has expanded its line of products to include glazed ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, and decorative tiles, becoming one of the leaders in the industry. Our goal is to provide value in flooring options for homeowners, architects and designers. We are always striving to bring together innovative design and quality to deliver value, style and superior customer service.

Our five manufacturing facilities located strategically throughout Mexico, along with our distribution center in Texas, provide flexibility and responsive service to our customers located in all 50 states as well as Canada. Internationally, we offer our products throughout Central and South America. We also have more than 2,000 distributors. 

We employ the best people, using the highest quality standards and international production certifications to offer products of excellence. We integrate best practices within the industry, along with a commitment to environmental stewardship. We are proud members of the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) and CTDA (Ceramic Tile Distributors Association).

Our company will continue to adapt to market needs in the years to come to ensure our continued growth in both the national and international ceramic sector. Honoring our traditions is part of our essence, but we continue to innovate and reinvent ourselves through new technologies and manufacturing processes while maintaining operational excellence.

We are proud members of the TCNA and CTDA.