Since our beginnings in 1967, the mission of the company has always been to create economic value, thus generating opportunities for progress and well-being for all those people and institutions with which we interact.

We have been fulfilling this for five decades and this will continue for many years to come. Our over 50 years of experience in the ceramic sector have consolidated us as one of the best Mexican companies in the industry. But the 50 years would not have been possible without having been faithful to our pillars, which continue to hold this wonderful company today. Operational excellence is what marks our day to day and what generates a stable financial health to keep growing.

That operational excellence exists thanks to the development of talent above all, knowing how to work with the body as well as with the mind and spirit. In the present we have become one of the strongest conglomerates in the ceramic sector. In addition to our operations in Mexico, we have a growing participation in the American market (Vitromex USA), Central and South America, with 5 manufacturing plants distributed in Mexico. Our more than 2,000 collaborators contribute with professionalism and effort to maintain efficient the business activity of Vitromex.

Tradition has been linked and always linked to our essence. However, over time we have managed to combine that traditionality with new technologies and new manufacturing processes to continue growing as a leading company. On the one hand, the essence is never lost, but on the other, we must reinvent ourselves and innovate continuously to continue being the best. Because linking tradition with innovation is something that inspires us every day to continue improving and to continue building Vitromex.

Our company will continue to adapt to market needs in the years to come. We will continue working as the leaders that we are both internally and externally to make ourselves known in the national and international ceramic sector. At Vitromex we will continue innovating in order to continue offering a quality product to the best professionals.

We are proud members of the TCNA and CTDA.