Vitromex CeraCore tile is made from red clay and glazed just like porcelain tile, but at a lower cost. Centered on style and strength, our ceramic tile is formulated from durable raw materials resulting in a beautiful finished product.

Certified Porcelain

Certified Porcelain

Vitromex produces both porcelain and CeraCore ceramic tiles that are beautiful and strong with a surface that is impermeable to water for all your possible design needs. Each is available in a variety of collections that contain a mix of textures and colors perfect for your unique project.

So put aesthetics aside knowing you can’t go wrong with your selection and focus on your application use. CeraCore can be used in light applications or on walls where breaking strength is not a consideration and cost savings can be realized.

What’s the Difference Between Porcelain and Ceramic Tile?

For thousands of years, the fundamental methodology for manufacturing ceramic and porcelain tiles has remained the same – first shaping the clay, then baking it at very high temperatures to remove the water and harden the tiles. Modern methods are just a refinement of those ancient practices using today’s technological advancements.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles differ in the clays and the firing temperatures and times used. Porcelain tiles are generally made of a denser clay that is pressed thinner and baked longer at a higher temperature. This results in a product that is considerably harder and more impermeable than ceramic. In fact, to be considered a porcelain tile, the water absorption rate needs to be less than 0.5%. Porcelain can be used with caution in wet areas and outdoors (in covered, debris-free areas) where it is less prone to cracking when exposed to humidity and the freeze-thaw cycle.

In summary, both glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles can look the same and be impermeable on the surface but withstand different minimum breaking strengths. Choose your tile based on your application use and save money on your projects while maintaining a beautiful look and feel.

Want to know how CeraCore can impact your bottom line?

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