Vitromex Mexico


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A true classic that is anything but ordinary, Brooklyn subway tiles are a building block for endless patterns, arrangements, and design choices. Uniquely iconic, each piece within Brooklyn is manufactured using an undulated punch, giving it unmatched depth, variation, and subtle texture, as well as a high gloss glaze finish.
You can view our catalog for the BROOKLYN series here:
PDF Catalog for BROOKLYN Series
3' x 10'Wall, 3' x 10'SBN
Shade Variation Visible Abrasion Resistance Break Strength Water Absorption Minimum Grout Joint Surface Hardness (MOHS) Chemical Resistance DCOF (When Walked Upon Wet)
Glossy I / Matte III Glossy: II Carmin, Olivo, Azul / III Mostaza, Blanco Matte: III Glossy: >250 lbf / Matte: >250 lbf Glossy: 7-18% / Matte: 7-18% Glossy: 0.08'/(5/64') / Matte:0.08'/(5/64') Glossy: 5 / Matte:6 Glossy: RESSSITANT / Matte: RESSSITANT Glossy: >0.40 / Matte:>0.50
Residential floor and wall applications, such as: bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, entryways, foyers, hallways, kitchens, living and recreation areas Also suitable for commercial applications, such as: offices, shops, lobbies, and restaurants.