Vitromex Mexico


Vitromex, a leading manufacturer of ceramic and impervious porcelain tile, has always embraced environmentally-friendly industrial practices. A commitment to the sustainability of our planet’s resources is a cornerstone of the values Vitromex upholds. For over 50 years, we have incorporated strict international practices for safety, quality, energy efficiency and protection of the environment.

We would like to share some of the items that demonstrate our commitment to the planet, our communities and our employees well-being:

  • Vitromex products do not contain lead, zinc, iron or mercury - making our tile one of the most environmentally friendly flooring choices for your home or business.

  • All of our operations use natural gas as an energy source, thus minimizing emissions.

  • The raw materials for body compositions, such as clay, are available locally to our facilities.

  • Vitromex products have been recognized as Green Squared certified and/or Certified Porcelain.

  • We do not use oils or carbon in our manufacturing processes.

  • We recycle and use recycled water for all processes that require water.

  • All body scrap made during the manufacturing of the tile is reprocessed and 100% reutilized.

  • Our kilns are highly efficient, reducing energy consumption.

  • Our tiles are not flammable, are resistant to bacteria, and do not release gasses.

  • Vitromex products are manufactured and tested following ANSI Standards.

  • Our tiles are made to last, avoiding constant replacement and thus saving our planet's resources.

  • Most of our manufacturing facilities are new or are constantly modernized.

  • We use new technology and state of the art equipment in our production.

  • We conduct environmental studies to prevent and comply with state regulations.

  • We conform with the norm on perimeter noise to respect the communities close by.

  • We take pride in efficiently reducing internal noise, vibrations, dust and emissions to a lower lever than required by state law regulations.

  • Our facilities' exterior lights utilize photocell technology reducing energy consumption.

  • All forklifts are strictly controlled and maintained to reduce CO2 air emissions and oil spillage to the ground.

  • We prevent contamination caused by all disposable byproducts.

  • We encourage the use of car-pooling and public transportation for our employees, therefore reducing car emissions in the atmosphere.

  • Personnel in the plant and offices are encouraged every day to use recycling practices.

  • Our materials are shipped in recyclable cartons and reusable pallets.

  • Vitromex participates with the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) in furthering the recognition of the tile segment for LEED certification.